DIY Chalkboard

So I have to laugh as I'm writing this post...because I'll just go ahead and let you know that my dear husband totally didn't "get" this craft.  That's funny, right? Lol.  He is so accepting of my ideas, but the first thing he asked about this one was "but how are you supposed to use the colored pencils?  Why are they up there?"  My very logical answer? Because it's cute and colorful.  :)
I'm down to a final area in the house I want to decorate/improve....(for now at least) and that's where this project is going.  I started with this plain piece of wood left over from another craft, and some colored pencils.  
I painted the wood the happiest green....
and then laid out the colored pencils a few different ways to see what I liked.  I saw this idea in a magazine (I'm a magazine idea hoarder) to glue colored pencils on a board.  Easy, inexpensive, colorful.  After laying the pencils out a few different ways I just didn't love what I saw.  
Then I got the idea to use chalkboard paint on the piece as well.  
Now I liked it :)  I glued the pencils onto the board.......
and saw cute and colorful.  Maybe I should leave Brett some love notes on the chalkboard so he'll see cute and colorful when he looks at this too. :) 


  1. What a great way to add color! I just love this idea.


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