What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice........
this one's "spice" a lot.  I walked in our room to find this one day. And just for the record-that's a "Hello, Kitty" sticker that somehow made its way onto her bottom.
sweet Betsy! A rare moment of her actually laying down captured :).  Betsy Grace loves to be held.  All. The. Time.  I keep telling Brett I've read so many posts/articles from older moms that say "enjoy this time, hold them while you can." While I do enjoy holding her, I look forward to the times when she's a little more settled and can interact with us more without needing to be in the Ergo or in my arms.   What can I say-she just loves to cuddle her mama! :)
One day I decided to be brave mama.  I took the girls to Barnes and Noble by myself-Betsy in the Ergo, Anna Ruth holding my hand. I was so, so proud of how it went!  (Proud of Anna Ruth) I explained to her that she needed to hold my hand inside the store of books and obey me or we'd need to go back home.  She grabbed my hand and let me all the way to the train table :).  We go there often enough she knows her way around I guess!  She also cleaned up the lego table for fun and I picked out this Eric Carle coloring/painting book for her.  She didn't really get the painting concept, but has enjoyed coloring the pages out of it!
We even made some new friends while we were there!  This is a spot I almost always see mama's and babies.  I've discovered if I'm friendly-so are they!
One afternoon I was finishing up some chores while Anna Ruth was playing independently.  I was very amused to find she had lined all of her toys up carefully on the fireplace rock.  LOL.  Another afternoon we were playing blocks and there were several plastic blocks mixed with the wood ones.  As we were cleaning up she carefully sorted the plastic blocks out and put them in their correct container in her room.  This girl loves a good organization session! :)

It is so fun to watch both my girls' unique personalities unfold. 


  1. Your girls are adorable! I love the organization your daughter is already showing!

  2. Just this week we are entering the stage of my 8 week old wanting to be held constantly!! My 17 mo old isn't handling that too well!! But I know in a year or so they'll be able to interact more and it will all be worth it :) your girls are precious!!

    1. You have me beat-your kids are even closer in age than mine are! :) do you use a carrier? I am such a fan. The interactive stage will be so fun! I won't be able to let the girls ut of my sight for a second. :)


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