Field Trip {Botanical Garden}

I remember field trip days vividly.  Getting to stuff a lunch in a brown paper bag and nestling it among the hundreds of others in a cooler......choosing who you sat by on the bus, exploring new territory and learning new things.  I was blessed as a child to experience field trips with my family, as well as my school.  Our playgroup decided to visit the Botanical Garden for a little fall field trip.  

I'll admit-I was really, really nervous about handling a crawler (yes, you read that right!) and a very fast runner sounded like a trip to the gym and a field trip in one. was.  :)  Something I forget time and time again is that our girls are used to running pretty wild and free.  Our plants, flowers, and garden on the farm are grown for the purpose of picking and enjoying.  So, imagine my two country mice in this beautiful, CITY mouse garden.  Yeah, they wanted to pick everything.  

Of course they felt right at home among the chickens from being over at their Nana's house.  Anna Ruth even tried to poke grass through the holes to feed them.  :) 
Aren't these succulents beautiful?  For some reason I'm always really drawn to them. I'd like to try to plant some but really have no idea how.  Anybody help?
I was super proud of Anna Ruth for climbing up this ginormous tree house bridge all by herself while Betsy Grace and I stood below.  

"He's doing nastics".  (gymnastics)

The garden was hosting a little pumpkin hunt for the kids this particular day so they got to hunt for a mini pumpkin and bring it home.  What fun!  Anna Ruth tried to haul off one of the enormous, decorative pumpkins and it made me laugh and laugh.  Girls got some muscles, I will give her that. 

I won't say my nerves died down while we were here, but they did after we left.  And I was more than glad I'd survived and taken both girls.  They had such a wonderful time and being brave and getting them out to experience our beautiful world beyond the cow pasture will always take top priority over living a secluded, safe life.