A mini vacation: Silver Dollar City

Have you heard of Silver Dollar City or Branson, Missouri?  I'm delighted to see that several of you reading lately aren't from Arkansas.  Which means you might not know about some of these local spots in the South.  Branson is such a show....everything there is flashy, showy, and all about a good, cheesy time.  Hopefully that didn't hurt any Branson enthusiasts feelings.  Don't get me wrong-we love Branson too! 

Silver Dollar City is like the smaller, southern sister of Disneyland.  Like much, much smaller.  It's an amusement park with an old-timey feel.  I grew up going there and have such fond memories of the place.  Brett and I hadn't been since our dating days so we decided to take the girls.  Our first stop was the big ball pit.  The kind lady asked me if she could pour the balls on Betsy Grace.  I responded sure, but that I didn't know if she'd like it. 

And well, you see what happened. :) 

Anna Ruth loved playing in the balls, shooting the giant water guns, and riding the carousel.  One of my favorite things about this little mini vacation was that Brett got to have such a special time bonding with the girls.  They both adore their Daddy, Anna Ruth especially. It was wonderful for him to have more than just an evening to spend with them.  

The weather was crisp and the colors phenomenal.  Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to take in...including the food. 

We played hard, ate delicious food (including a funnel cake!), rode the train, and stayed the night in a hotel.  The girls (Anna especially) acted like we'd taken them to a magical place.  Mission accomplished. :) 

Where do you and your family go for fun?  Any fun vacation ideas for little ones?