Fog and Webs

One morning we awoke to a beautiful fog.  Our bodies creaked and groaned, our yawns were a little wider, our stretches-a little longer.  Life with two little ones means sometimes the sleep just isn't there....for one reason or another.  We can discuss it 'till the cows come home (which I've learned is like forever) or we can just acknowledge it and move on.  So back to this particular day.  I was "awake" but not really fully awake.  The girls were both asleep at the same time and I don't remember now if it was for a rare nap or what.  But instead of crawling back in the bed and hiding (which was my first inclination) I crept outside instead.
It was the light that got me.  It's always the light.  Light is safe, a symbol of God's ever-present help in my life.  It's the reason why we have a bajillion lamps in our house, lots of windows, and twinkle lights in the craft room. Light speaks to me.  I grabbed my camera and went out to explore.  (this topic is something I talk about in-depth in my online course, A Rosy Retreat. More info. on the tab above)
See, this is how I like to challenge myself.  As soon as I walked outside and took a couple of obvious pictures....things like the light shining through the leaves I still yearned for more.  At first glance I thought "nah, there's nothing interesting left to capture."  But, I felt God tell me, look again.  So I did.  Suddenly the wood pile looked like a pile of art....not just future warmth for cold days.
That dew that was getting my slippers and jeans all wet?  Diamonds.  Glistening, shining, cheering me up.

And the webs!  Oh, the webs.  They were everywhere.  I don't know how I've missed these glorious autumn webs but I was fascinated with them.  So intricate, so fabulously designed.  I could stare at these webs all day.  I appreciate the hard work that went into building it, I could think of several life lessons out of a web like this.  It's art.
This bike had me dreaming of autumn bike rides....with a basket of flowers and baked goods.
Even the tiniest of webs still looked so delicate yet strong enough to last on the farm gate.  Is it possible we can also learn to be delicate and strong in God's mighty strength too?

One of my favorite parts of the morning that I wasn't able to fully capture were the birds.  They were playing hide and seek in our trees in the woods.  There must have been hundreds of happy chirps.  Heard, not seen.  But it was happy, happy music to my ears.
I'm going to be honest, this day (along with many, many others) was one I had to push myself to be creative.  It would have been so much easier to crawl back in bed and hide.  And somedays-I do that!! But a lot of days I coax myself to be creative, take photos, make art, blog my heart out, even if just for 10 or 15 minutes.  And you know what?  I always, always feel better.  I feel like I got in touch with God himself.  I know I was made to be a creator.  

What were you made to be?  What relaxes you?  I'd love to hear.


  1. Beautiful! Oh how I wish we lived closer together!! Love your blog, love what you are doing. You are the only blog I read regularly... Your pictures are fabulous... the web one amazing! Keep on keeping on friend!!

    1. Christie, thank-you dear friend for such encouraging, life-giving words! You are a blessing! I so wish we lived closer too! I always love your cute crafts, outfits, activities, and foods you're preparing for your kiddos. Maybe we'll at least meet someday :)


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