Drench on, autumn sun.

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 These pictures are some of my favorites.  And you know what?  They weren't taken on a magical day where we sat in the golden field all day.  In fact, the girls and I had been in the house most of the day while I tried to clean.  We conquered the mess in the house but it honestly wasn't the most fun.  Two busy gals are two blessings for sure.  But also two little people who like to get into things and be ornery sometimes while mama has to clean.  So. 
(Photo available in my shop here)
 After a day of cleaning (because it really is necessary around here and I want my girls to see what it means to create a house that's taken care of) I loaded the girls up and we went for a farm drive.  I've been doing that more often with them now.  Just me and them.  Windows rolled down, conversation about the cows, squeals from Betsy Grace. 
(Photo available in my shop here)

The sun was just right.  Have I mentioned how much I just love a good autumn sun?  It speaks to me.  It doesn't try to show off, or hide like the summer sun.  It's a comfortable in its own skin kind of sun.  It shows up, does it's job well, and casts a glowy haze over the earth that makes your heart beat a little slower, and your smile a little wider.  Drench on, autumn sun. 

We've been savoring our time in the yard in the late afternoons too, noticing how our green leaves are turning red.  This particular branch was a great lesson in perspective for me.  From the other side of the tree the leaves looked dark and almost like a maroon color.  Spotted with some kind of black dots. Basically, not very pretty.  But then I walked around to this side....and saw this stunning sight.  All these leaves needed was the sun shining through them to look beautiful.

Sounds like my own life to me.  


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