5: a sneak peek at FIVE new mini series coming to the blog!!

 5 is the lucky number today.  That's how many new little series are coming to the blog!
I love blogging.  And there's been nothing wrong with the way I've been posting so far. But it was time for a change...I've been wanting to share more of the crafts, creativity, and dreams that happen in my brain on a daily basis.  To challenge myself to use all these ideas tucked in the filing cabinets of my mind (which I picture painted bright yellow, FYI) and make good on my heart's promise to use the gifts God has given me,  in my real life, with what I really have available.  

So, today I'm happy and very excited to introduce you to the new concepts coming in a week or two!   
These first two series will happen several times a month....

Let's start with ADORN: Seasons Celebrated Fully
A series on embracing all that each season has to offer, in the way of food, decor, weather, activities, and traditions.
Make Merry: Inspiration for beautiful table settings, merry meet-ups, grateful gatherings, parties galore, feasts and celebrations.  With your family, friends, for yourself, or your spouse. 

Homespun Happiness: Do-able how to's for all things crafty.  Even for those who think they're "not crafty".  This'll be fun, I promise. :) 
(a weekly series, coming soon)
Pages: Ideas, layouts, inspiration, and how-to's for art journaling.  
(a weekly series, coming soon)

Truth and a Dare: (this one might be my favorite)
A series highlighting the random "truth's" of my life, and a dare to go along with it for YOU! 
A few truths to come.......I should really wake up earlier than I do, wearing the same shirt twice in a week is a GOOD thing, snail mail matters (bringing back the happy mail I said I would never do), and I love seeing the message "_______sent you a pin!" on Pinterest.

(a weekly series, coming soon)

Of course, I'll still be blogging about our regular life in snippets too....

So, what do you think? 


  1. I LOVE each of these and look forward to them all but, most of all, I LOVE that you are following your heart and God's leading! PURE JOY!

    Do you make your own graphics (like those above?) What computer program do you use, if I may ask?

    Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Jen! Yes, I do make my own graphics, using Picmonkey and Picassa. Both are free services and very good, in my opinion at least! I should write a post about this soon... ;)
      Happy Monday to you too!

  2. Exciting! You site has been super inspiring to me and the Rosy Retreat online class has really brightened my week. I have carved out more time to craft and smile and enjoy. What a gift!

    1. Jessica, you have blessed my heart and made my day with your sweet comment. Thank-you, thank-you :)


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