Persimmons are the prettiest.  I noticed them one day in the yard and thought what a pretty little flower shape they had on top.  Have ya'll heard of persimmons?  This was the extent of my "knowledge", if you even want to call it that.  I just thought they were a pretty little berry type thing that got smashed all over my shoes when I walked outside.  Then my smart sister-in-law brought over some Persimmon Pudding for Sunday lunch.  Oh you was goooooood.  Like, really good.  We ate it chilled with homemade whipped cream on top.  It tasted like cinnamon and fall on a fork. 
After such a delightful taste I got motivated to try to pick some of my own.  The trick is you can't get the ones off the ground because we've had cows in the yard frequently lately (mooo) and deer galore.  But, there's only so many persimmons I can reach while holding Betsy Grace on my hip (because she eats everything at this stage).  Still, Brett helped me one afternoon and we gathered some up.  They're small and squishy and smell divine.  Anna really got into helping with the basket.

Of course there are persimmons galore taunting me from waaaay up high in the trees.  Anybody have persimmon trees and a good recommendation on how to get them down?  I think I just need a good ladder and to sneak out there while the girls are asleep. Can you imagine me trying to get on the high ladder with the girls running around underneath me?  Disaster. 
(this picture is actually of our field that had grass seed spread on it. I thought the neat little rows of seed looked pretty)

After such a pretty ode to persimmons you probably came expecting a delightful recipe or craft to do with them huh.  Me too.  :)  I have plans to make persimmon bread but in the spirit of keeping it real, have to admit I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.  I did some research one day and read that you can also make persimmon jam as well.  Sounds lovely. 

I'll try to pick some more persimmons and give you an update soon on the bread!  
Do you have a persimmon tree, or some other type of food-bearing tree at your house? 
What do you make with the crop?  I'd love to hear! 
We also have walnut trees on the farm I'll tell you about soon. 


  1. We love persimmons! Sadly we had to cut down all of ours, they are VERY BAD for horses!!!!!! Though the deer sure love them! My girls enjoyed shaking them from the tree :) Do your have spoon seeds??? I'm ready for snow! Thanks for taking the time to write your blog!!! I hope you enjoy your bread!!!


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