Virtual Kindness (Truth and a Dare)

Today's the first edition of Truth...and a Dare.  The newest blog series on the block and one I'm incredibly excited to introduce.  Wondering what you'll see here...?  Every Friday I'll post a new truth and a dare to go along with it.  Something that will challenge you...a task of sorts.  Some weeks you'll need a box of tissues, other days just bring a willingness to belly laugh.  The serious, the silly-we'll cover it all. 

Today I want to jump into this virtual world of ours with a quick tour of how it's blessed me so.  I apologize for the lack of a picture to go along (probably starting off on the wrong foot without a photo but trust me, you'll want to stick around)

Facebook, Instagram, Email....blogs, Pinterest. Etsy.  Each one has probably set up camp in our own lives.  Sometimes I feel like they carry with them the news stigma.  Each of these, much like the local news, seems to have plenty of negative to say and spew.  I can't count the number of articles I've seen warning against these virtual sites and the negativity that can occur from overuse.  And I couldn't agree more, amen and amen.  

BUT, each of these sites can also be used as incredible vessels of kindness.  

I see it when I log into Pinterest and the message "Sydnee sent you a pin!" pops up.  My friend has taken the time to notice I might like an idea she ran across and instead of letting the kindness run away she's stopped to send me a project idea she'll know I like.  

I read it when I open an email from a gal named Bethany, whom I've never met....but who tells me she put in a good word for me at a magazine I dream of being featured in and that she'll "say a prayer" for me to get in.

I feel the kindness when I read another email from a friend named Christie from California.  We've also never met, but have become friends through our blogs.  She wants to know my address to send me something.

I can give the kindness right back when I send someone a gift card on Facebook for their birthday,
 a text to let someone know I'm thinking of them. 
A message to say "You're a beautiful friend, thank-you".

Kindness is in the quick line or two someone leaves me in Instagram, encouraging me as a mom and creative gal.  It's the scripture I read that my sis saw on the inside of her egg carton....and took the time to share on Instagram. 

The truth is, there is great kindness to be found in our virtual world. 
How will you dare to take your kindness a step further this weekend?
Instead of just a "like" on facebook-what words of hope could we leave?

Is there a particular song a friend in need would benefit from hearing?  Why not send them the link.

Have a book-loving friend?  Send a book recommendation or two...and if money allows-a book!  Amazon will let you send directly to them! 

I can't wait to hear how you share your virtual kindness.  :)