Rake leaves and jump in: Check.

We're right smack in the middle of fall...and before we know it winter's cold and dreamy days will enter the scene and our golden hour will have slipped away until next year.  I'm happy and I'll admit-surprised, to say we've almost accomplished our entire autumn list.  When we made the list I had visions of joyous laughter, smiles, and extra special memories to write in this chapter called "autumn".  And so far, life's every illustration has been just that.  
I wanted to rake leaves and jump in this year.  I've always found the practice of raking leaves a little silly and pointless, at least for us country folk.  Our yard is huge and the wind-strong.  Seemed kind of like trying to scoop sand into a colander and make it stay.  It just isn't going to happen.   But still, when you think of autumn memories don't you conjure up an image of a huge leaf pile? I do. 

I made my way to the garage, in search of a rake.  Leaning against the wall, looking a little tattered and dirty, the rake was there waiting.  Excited to venture out into the yard and be found useful again, I'm sure.  As my arms swung into the rhythm of raking my heart rate sped up, satisfied with the exercise of such an enormous task.  I raked a big pile, and then piled it higher still.  
I laid the girls down in the pile and although they were overjoyed with the leaf pile in general, you can see how they reacted to laying down in it.  Not exactly the joyful moment I'd expected, but an experience they've never had before at least.
Then it was my turn.  I sat down carefully and slowly let myself fall back into the giant, padded pile of leaves.  I heard crunches and saw vibrant colors surrounding my head, like the most perfectly designed pillow.  The leaf pile is something we can count on, year after year.  It's where childhood and adulthood don't matter....all are welcome here.
Most of the leaves in the yard were left alone, free to let the wind carry them wherever they wish to go. 
But for the few that got raked up into our pretty pile I say "thank-you". 
Thank-you for giving me a soft place to land this afternoon.