Washi Tape Feathers (Homespun Happiness)

Todays edition of Homespun Happiness is brought to you by a desperate, tired mama.  
:)  I'm sure you sometimes look at my crafty posts and might be tricked into thinking I sit in my craft room with my feet propped up, sipping hot chocolate and crafting the afternoon away (that DOES sound lovely by the way!)  

In all honesty, that isn't the case.  For today's particular post I entered the craft room grumpy and very, very tired.  Both my gals had a case of the grumps....no matter what dear Brett and I tried.  I knew it was time to either cry or craft.  98% of the time I choose crafting and today was no exception.  
I'd seen several  ideas here and there for washi tape feathers.  I have a slight obsession with feathers...they represent being free, treasures found, and having wings enough to fly.  As I gathered my supplies I found my mind distracted at first by the events of the day.  Then I switched gears, trying to figure out how to make the feathers look how I imagined them in my mind's eye.
First I taped two long strips of washi tape down onto plain white paper. 
Washi tape can be found on etsy (just type it into the search box), or you can buy something called "paper tape" in the office supply section at Target.  A few other office supply companies also sell a version of washi tape on the office supply/scrapbooking aisles as well at Target so check there if you don't already own some.  
Next I cut out a feather shape. 

And last I cut little slits here and there into the sides of the feather to make it look more realistic.    By the time I finished one feather I realized the thoughts of the day had been abandoned and replaced with thoughts of flight...hopeful thoughts..
After I made a few more feathers I had wings of hope....I was myself again, the grumpiness of the day shaken away.   

The options for these washi tape feathers are endless...
just like our options of "hope" when all joy seems lost. 

Here's to crafting over crying. :)