Are you a Pinterest activist?  I used to loathe it (and still do sometimes), but overall I love it.  It's a daily pick-me-up, full of ideas, inspiration, and a feast for the eyes.  I like to save ideas for the girls....and to me the seemingly simple ideas are often the best ones. 

Something I've noticed in our Pinterest-crazed, perfectionist world, is that there always seems to be a bajillion ways presented to do something, even something as simple as having fun.  Ever seen the posts bragging that there are 100 ways to have fun, t.v. free?  Sometimes I like those lists too, but more often than not they overwhelm me and make me feel very, very small.  
I pinned this little idea one day recently because Anna Ruth is currently into blowing bubbles into her milk cup.  She must have seen this on Curious George....the ornery little monkey that he is.  The idea for this activity is to fill a large bowl with water and some dish soap.  Give the kiddos a straw and let them blow bubbles into the bowl.  Simple, serious fun. 
Obviously I didn't give Betsy Grace a straw to dip in because she would have sucked those bubbles right up! Bets (as her doctor calls her) is all about sipping from some straws.  But I will say both girls adored this activity...and that's probably a first!  Usually I plan things for Anna Ruth and Betsy gets to sort of join in but her attention span doesn't last.  I joined in the fun and blew reallllly high bubbles into the bowl and both girls had a bubble blast.

I pray this is the first of many hand-holding, bubbles in the backyard adventures.

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  1. I think one of the reasons I like your blog so much is that I feel like we both could have some pretty in depth convo's on every Curious George episode ever made... also I agree with the Pinterest... I LOVE it... but also it can make me feel so inadequate. And by the way the bubbles with the corn syrup?? They don't work. Just a sticky mess. Pinterest fail. Ha!

    1. I could totally have long, elaborate conversations concerning Curious George...I love that little monkey, lol. :) Thanks for the tip on the corn syrup bubbles...I hear corn syrup and picture two balls of sticky gals. :)


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