Art Journaling 101: Gathering Supplies (PAGES series)

Hi everybody!  The new Wednesday series I'm thrilled to start is PAGES and it's all about art journaling!  I've always had a love of journaling and am happy to say my journals have evolved from emotional junior high rants to the more artful kind.  Lately I've taken an enormous interest in art journaling.  I realized after pinning a million journal pins that maybe I was onto something and I should follow where my brain was interested.  I've recently finished up my first SMASH journal (google this!) and was ready for something with less boundaries.  

As I browsed and pored over different art journal blog posts across the web I noticed a similarity.  Most of the inspiring posts showed what materials they used, but not necessarily how to jump in for a beginner like myself.  Although I found myself admiring all the supplies it just isn't possible for me to purchase 10 or 12 different tools for one layout right now.  And really, isn't where my heart is anyway, creatively speaking.  

So, this is where I come in, with the rosy view. :)  I'm going to show you how I create my first ever art journal.  And you get to come along for the ride.  I'll be using some store-bought things, but the beauty of being on one budget means I'll also have to stretch my creativity and see what other resources I can use that would have otherwise been thrown away. 

For today's post, it's all about gathering your supplies.  That's it.  We'll jump into creating the bare bones pages next week.   Let's take a look at what I've gathered, bits and pieces here and there. 
These little packs of paper/journaling cards I bought at Target.  They were all reasonably priced.  The paper pack on the left cost $5.99 I believe, the larger pad on the top right was around $3, and the one below $2.  They are double-sided which is double the use.  Hooray!
This is my one splurge of the whole post because this paper isn't cheap at all.  I saved a long time for it! I think it cost $14.99 for the whole pack and as far as I can tell I haven't seen it on sale anywhere (or at Joann's or Hobby Lobby to use a 40% off coupon....please correct me if I'm wrong-and I hope I am!)

The designer of this lovely paper (and more) can be found here. I adore all of her paper and have used it for more things than just scrapbooking. (more on that later)
Old book pages (found at thrift stores or for free from friends and family) and hymnals also work great for pages! 
I'm always on the hunt for interesting magazine pictures or words like these to use for pages or creating layouts!

I've also been saving cardboard boxes from my pantry because if you take the ends apart and cut them they make an excellent page as well!  I plan to cover these in paper or paint them anyway so you don't have to worry about them having words/pictures on them. 

Are you ready to gather your art journaling supplies yet?! I hope so! I'll see you next week to show you how to assemble the bare-bones book...and then let the creating begin!