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Hi everybody!  How is this autumn treating you?  We've been working away at our autumn list, that I posted here. Our goal was never to have more to do this season, simply for the reason of doing.  I've heard a quote several times lately that says something like to stop glorifying the busy.  Amen and amen.   

Our list is more like a roadmap, guiding us to the fun spots of the season instead of simply focusing on the grueling tasks of work and chores.  As we're traveling along our little autumn journey it's delightful to get to circle another item off the list, tucking another memory into our hearts.

Last weekend we went to Terra Studios, which is a local place that makes glass bluebirds.  The grounds around the artist's shop/workshop are fun and artsy.  

The last time I was here Anna Ruth was pretty little and wanted to be held most of the time.  Not so this time!  She enjoyed walking and running all over the place, as fast as her little legs would carry her.   Brett wanted me to photograph this little playhouse because our dreams for the spring are to build a playhouse for our gals! :) 

Oh Betsy Grace, curious little thing.  She is like a different baby all of a sudden!  SO curious, so into everything.....I just love it.  It's fascinating and hilarious to watch her because I truly never know what she's going to do or try to say next.  
After we walked around for a while we got a bit chilly so we headed into the store they have, where you can also watch a man making the glass bluebirds.  The shop is full of local art and a lot of pottery, as well as the bluebirds.  I enjoyed looking around very much, despite Betsy Grace being like a bull in a china cabinet. LOL.  

Brett let Anna Ruth pick out a bluebird, and she chose the color green. 

I love these sweet little moments Brett captured with my girls.  Anna Ruth is very loving lately, it's a new thing for her.  She's always been sweet, but now she'll come up and purposely hug me or pat me on the back.  My favorite is when she tells me she loves me.   I sure am in love with these sweet girls. 

Where have you traveled to this autumn?  


  1. Do you watch "19 Kids and Counting"? The parents went to Terra Studios for their wedding anniversary a few episodes ago! They got to actually help make the glass birds! Very fun! Looks like you had a fabulous time with Anna!

    1. Hi Jen! I don't usually watch the show, but am fans of the family. :) They've shopped in my dad's grocery store and filmed it for the show before, and I met Michelle at church recently. She was as sweet as you could imagine. :)


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