For now, this.

See those beautiful, enchanting circles of light?  
They have my full attention.  What is it about autumn that makes the sun feel and look more rich?
Not necessarily brighter, but calmer.  A little more sleepy....
a summer sun seems to scream sometimes-bright and glaring, as if to say "LOOK AT ME!" 

And then along comes the autumn sun......
it lets us ease into our days,
and leaves us early enough to curl up by the fire in the evenings.
 Autumn sun invites us out to play and not give a single drop of sweat a single thought.
Autumn afternoons are for adventures,  library trips, and leaf-spotting.

The water, a little bluer. The geese-flying higher.

The smiles-a little toothier, and that goes for jack-o-lanterns and baby girls both.

Autumn has been about settling in, tucking in for the evening with my thoughts.
I'm excited about some new ideas for the blog coming soon, little mini series.
But for now, this.