Autumn List..and apples.

Perhaps it was one too many drives past the apple tree,
the bright red apples hanging cheerfully.
Maybe the cooler temperatures we had a night or two,
or the anticipation of September coming,
freshly sharpened pencils,
holidays looming,
a little more sparkle and cheer,
but something stirred my mind, body, and soul about this upcoming autumn.

An excitement.....a twinkle in my eyes.
Autumn is coming! 
We are bursting with excitement over the arrival of a new season around here.  We've embraced and enjoyed summer to our fullest far as autumn goes, I think more than anything we're excited that this year won't be a repeat of last.  From this month on (this time last year) I became a crazed, crazed list-maker.  I made a list, then made a list for that list, and so on.  I even had a whole notebook for lists!  There was one for Brett's 30th birthday, one for Christmas decor, a list for Christmas presents, etc, etc, etc.  It's embarrassing really.  I wanted things to be perfect before Betsy Grace arrived.

And she arrived, and our house was decorated and I'd still sit next to the beautiful Christmas tree and cry every single night as 5 o'clock rolled around and the darkness loomed until the next day. I'm a sunshine kind of gal.  Add pregnancy/new mama hormones to the arrival of dark evenings and it just wasn't a lovely sight.  Nothing rosy about it.  It was sad and long and hard.  I knew every night I'd have to set up camp in our bathroom and be up for hours with tiny Betsy.  

But remember that verse about joy coming in the morning?
This autumn is our morning.  :)  I still don't care for the early darkness and gray colors that come once winter arrives.  But, instead of giving into the seeping gloomy thoughts, we're fighting it , Brett and I.  We've decided to live intentionally each season, planning some things ahead so we embrace what each season has to offer, instead of dreading it.  Our goal isn't to make list after list and plan the fun right out the door.  We hope to make sure dreamy moments occur often, and aren't an afterthought. 

A rich life given top here's a peek at our Autumn List so far. 
I'm sure we'll continue to add things as they pop into our minds. 

Doesn't it look exciting?! All that wonder and possibility up ahead...
bring on the dark evenings :)

{What would YOU add to this list?}


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn. In fact, fall and winter are my favorite seasons! Summer is my least favorite-I don't like the heat and humidity or the bugs!! And I crave the routine that fall brings with school, sports, etc. Isn't it amazing how we are all so different?

    I would add read a few good books, make pumpkin bread/cake and apple pie, and watch the season premiere of PARENTHOOD!!! :-)

    Happy fall!! Trusting you can enjoy each day (and night!) to the fullest with those sweet girls!

    1. Hi Jen! Interesting that winter is your favorite season! :) I do love getting cozy by the stove...but not the darkness that comes so, so early. What kinds of books do you like to read? I am looking forward to cooking/baking with pumpkin! I use it in tons of things-soups even! I'll have to post some. :)

      Parenthood-Can.not. wait!

  2. Ah how exciting!!! We have made a very similar list, and I cannot wait for crisp fall mornings around here!!

    The smell of a roasting pumpkin is one of my favorites... along with apple pies, custard pies, butternut squash soups. Ah divine!

    Thanks for the fall-spiration! I've been bustling around making and finding fall-ish pieces to decorate my mantle with. So excited for September to roll around so I don't feel guilty! ;)

    1. Kalyn, I have never roasted a pumpkin! Can you believe it?! You must tell me how ;)

      What are you decorating your mantle with? That is one thing I can't seem to get motivated to do. lol.

  3. Sara, if you haven't discovered Goodreads yet, you MUST go browse there now! You will get thousands of book suggestions! I am Jen VeStrand, Sykesville, MD, if you want to look me up there!

    I have very eclectic reading taste. I don't do "twaddle" (christian fiction, romance novels, most self-help books IMHO). I read mostly fiction and classics. That being said, here are a few of my favorites:

    Fiction authors

    1 Chris Bohjalian
    2 Fannie Flagg (make sure to read the books in order!)
    3 Greg Iles

    I enjoy WW2 fiction and these are a few of my all-time favorites

    1 "Coming Home" (Pilcher
    2 "Winds of War" (Wouk)
    3 "Officers Wives" (Fleming)

    I challenge myself to read/reread at least 3 classics each year. Three of my top favorites

    1 "Wuthering Heights"
    2 "Tess of the d'Ubervilles"
    3 "The Scarlet Pimpernel"

    Also, I saw that you were reading a book by/about Julia Child recently. I listened to "Dearie" on CD during a long drive last spring and I LOVED it! I enjoy memoirs and biographies too! I told you my taste was eclectic! :-)

    If you're looking for fun children's books, several of our favorites are

    1 The Duchess Bakes a Cake
    2 Double Trouble in Walla Walls
    3 Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree

    I could talk ALL DAY LONG about books! Can you tell? :-)

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Thank-you, thank-you Jen for these awesome book recommendations!

      I was just realizing last night I got FIVE new books this month (and that was after hours of narrowing it down-haha) I picked some out for my bday....because I adore books. I doubt I'll ever get into the e-readers. I'm old-fashioned I suppose. I took a peek at Goodreads and will have to browse it later when I'm not supposed to be productive. :) Looks very fun!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun!,
    If you like making Christmas Décor and Ornaments with the girls that can be an other activity :D
    And Fall shoots with your girls, (I'm sure is already in your plans), maybe you'll like to add that to your list :D

    1. I actually didn't have fall shoots with the gals but it needs to be a must! I must figure out how to trick Anna into thinking she's playing so I can capture her at her happiest :)

  5. What a great idea! I'm a list-maker by nature and will most definitely borrow your idea here. Going on my current list: make an Autumn List with Mr. Mister. :)

    You're not alone on the dreading of evenings. When I was nursing Little all night long, evenings were some of the most tiring/lonely times. Yay for new seasons!

  6. Candles! When the days get dark so early, start lighting candles. With your littles, they'll have to be up high, but there is such comfort and warmth in those small, flickering flames. Also, try putting this scripture up,

    "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (John 1:5) It always makes me smile when clouds and early evenings weigh on my heart.

    :) Jen

    1. I love this verse.

      It will go up in our house as soon as I can find a spot where I'll see it often. :)

  7. Roasting marshmallows may be a "given" under camping on the farm, but it's definitely so Fallish! :) And SMORES of course! So many things to do if you just decide to do them! Thanks for sharing your is INDEED inspiring!!

    1. MMMMMM...s'mores. So many different combinations you can make with those too! Yum-bring on the cooler weather!


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