a rosy list.

 1. Green summer grass
2. books that make me think, laugh, and cry in equal parts
3. "I like you mama"
4. morning and evening coffee
5. chickens, baby calves, and cats
6. pastels (my mind can't get enough lately)
7. singing. lots and lots of singing.
8. folk music.  clapping hands in the backseat while I drive over the lake.
 9. Brett's twinkle in his eye
10. pep talk from Brett
11. feathers, acorns, heart rocks, branches, leaves....gathering
12. vintage flashcards
13. Isaiah 49
14. the many references to food, dining together, and gathering found in scripture
15. "my sweet dreamer".........spoken by Brett
16. new friends through blogging (hi)
17. the sound of the mower
 18. nice, nice neighbors who check on us, love on us
19. the apple tree
20. knowing Heaven is waiting
21. on the other hand-a dream list so long I'll need to live to be 120
22. Betsy's chubby rolls
23. Betsy's eyes
24. the way Anna runs, arms and legs flailing
25. Anna's piercing eyes
26. "I need maaamaaaa"-Anna
27. Anna Ruth singing "Doe a deer"
28. staying up late

 29. a gentle, cool breeze
30. my bro-in-law getting engaged
31. gaining a new friend in the family
32. being silly
33. holding Brett's hand
34. a bowl of dry cheerios
35. collecting fiction books for winter
36. exercising
37. grandparents who love on my gals
38. "Where we going today"
39. checking the mail
40. waffles
41. hearts-rocks, paper ones, real ones. Hearts matter.
42. challenging myself at photography
43. the sound of cows eating
44. chalk and bubbles on the front porch
45. the smell of the floors after they've been mopped
46. butter
47. 17 cent notebooks-stocking up, just waiting to fill them up
48. "this looks like fun to me!"
49. doilies
50. anything chippy
51. farm fresh eggs
52. my sweet neighbor friend
53. quiet
54. honesty
55. helping in the nursery
56. autumn list
57. hearing Anna Ruth pray
58. twinkle lights
59. barn metal
60. anticipating autumn
61. old-school Hillsong
62. thrifting
63. the concept of art journaling
64. painting
65. glasses
66. playgroup
67. being a twin
68. etsy orders
69. fresh basil
70. candles
71. a mini green grill
72. bread, always bread
73. a wish to wander
74. instagram
75. grilled food



  1. Awesome! It's like that book "1000 Gifts." A good read if you haven't already! :)

  2. Love your list! You are like Pollyanna... playing the Glad game. :) I think I will just have to make a list later. :) Happy Tuesday friend! Oh I need to email you as well. I have a calendar I want to mail you. It is of the smallest mountain range in the world which happens to be in my little town. My dad had a picture published in it this year and I immediately thought of you! I will email you later!


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