A little break for now. (my home team needs me)

 Hi friends!
Well, the end of my super-human days is here.  LOL.  But seriously, life lately has left me worn out.  Things behind the scenes have piled up and I've kept afloat so far.  But, the truth is, I'm NOT super-human.  None of us are.  This computer screen just gives that illusion sometimes! 
 Being a mama to two gals is hard, hard, HARD work. Much harder than just one baby  or toddler at home (duh, it took me having two babies to figure out two kids is a way different world than one)

My gals are my world, my everything. I value both of them and am so glad they are my life's work. So happy they have each other.  So delighted Anna will always remember life with Betsy. 

I've finished writing "A Rosy Retreat: Finding the Rosy in the Routine" and will be announcing details about the launch of that soon! 
For a few days, I just need to breathe, sleep, and live better to write better.

So, I'll be back soon (probably in about a week).
I'm going against Brett's advice.....He said "Don't you need to build your reader-ship?!"
:) If I know you rosy readers well, then I know you'll still be here when I return. Rested and ready to blog :)  See ya real soon. 


  1. Will miss your daily postings but know you are WISE to recognize that you need a break and to TAKE it! Enjoy this time "away" with your sweet girls and come back refreshed and "rosier" than ever! :-)


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