Favorites with the girls.

We love library days at our house!  I usually teach the girls to sit in the stroller and wait while I look at the books too, but some days we just go straight for the kids' section.  We love to bring piles of books home and get right to it, flipping through each one.  
I rearranged our built-ins some and made the bottom four sections kid-friendly....minus the lamp plug-in, pictured here.  (don't send me hate mail over this, lol)  I am trying to keep seasonal things on these shelves that make for great learning opportunities (like our popcorn party we had recently!  I'll post soon)
Daddy's girl.....
she was most likely asking "What's that?" over and over, pointing to different parts of Brett's face here. It's a favorite game of hers. 

We are STILL reaping a great garden harvest! 
Haha, we ate at a country burger joint recently (Patrick's in Nob Hill) and Anna Ruth was imagining the paper towel holder was ALL kinds of things.  She has such a big imagination!  
Recently she found a branch that looked like a V shape and said they were her finger nail clippers. :) 
Can you spot Betsy Grace in this picture?  
Brett made the girls a fort and they were both delighted!  
I still like forts too. :)

What do you enjoy doing with your kids lately? Please share! 


  1. I'm enjoying floor time with Little on a homemade fairy-tale quilt from a close friend. Little's rocking back and forth, pulling her legs underneath her body, and ready to roll over any day. We just sit there and chat away.


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