I asked. He answered: From desperate to delighted.

It was a Saturday.  A busy three days was staring me in the face.
Lots of time with the girls by myself, and the regular job of running a household.  I was grumpy and feeling overwhelmed.   Could my voice be patient, just one more time?  Could I fix another meal, change another diaper?  I didn't think so and I told the Lord so.  I didn't need a perspective talk, a change my attitude talk from someone meaning well.  I didn't need to hear "Treasure every moment! They go so fast."  I was tired (literally) and hungry/thirsty, figuratively speaking. 

I got somewhere quiet for a few minutes and told God the truth. That I was panicked at the thought of just a few more days of being mama, nurse, counselor, disciplinarian, teacher, cook, etc. 

That I truly did not think I could do it.  Truth was-I couldn't.  I know sometimes I sure feel like Super Woman but what a slippery slope that is.  None of us are Super anything without Christ.  My patience, craftiness, good attitude, cheerfulness, and rosy view can only get me so far.  My real sustaining power, my rosy eyesight that is always a perfect 20/20 comes from God, and God alone. 

After I confessed feeling weary to the bone I asked God to help me change my heart. To be filled with His strength, peace, and hope that was beyond my understanding at the moment. And oh, how He answered!  It snuck up on me, really.  

At first it was a few hours into those long three days I mentioned that I noticed things were going much better than I'd expected.  I was laughing, having a good time and my girls were happy! 

Fast forward a few more hours, then a day or two. Suddenly, I was looking back at those three dreaded days, with tears in my eyes.  Thanking God for three of the best days I've ever had with my girls. The most fun, the most giggle packed.  

God took me from desperate to delighted. 
All I needed to do was ask. 


  1. That's such a good reminder. I needed to hear that. :) Thank you for writing and being so open.

    1. You're welcome friend. Why must I forget to ask God for help so often? Sigh...I'm a work in progress. :)

  2. Amen, sister. I needed to hear that!

    I found your blog through Arkansas Women Bloggers. I joined up a few weeks ago but haven't visited the site since then. I guess I have some catching up to do!

    I'm sure I"ll be visiting your blog again. I read your "about" and then clicked on the "God" category. So far, so good! :-)

    1. Hi Suzy! Nice to meet you! I'm thrilled you found me through AWB, I am newish to that page/group and just delighted to be communicating with people from there. Glad you're enjoying my blog! :) I see you're a fellow runner....I'm just a newbie but love it.


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