Tired brain, Pinterest pics

Today, my creative brain is tired!  When my inspired well is dried up I look to pinterest, magazines, or other blogs to get my creative juices flowing again. 

I do best re-charging in my craft room or outside, no plans or goals in mind.  Just a wish to wander, to roam amongst paints, pencils, washi tape, and found bits.

{What do you do to recharge?}


  1. I absolutely love the yellow front door!

    1. Me too Julia! I would love to paint our front door...
      but figuring out how/when to do it so the littles don't escape hasn't been worth it yet, lol. :)

  2. Ahhhh! I LOVE that last pic of the garland photobooth background! I secretly pinned it the other day and am in the process of making a similar version for #AWBU13.

    And, to answer your question: to recharge, I like to sit quietly-outside or in a dark room. Or, read. Or, look at pretty pictures. For me, it's just pretty much let myself be. Be quiet. Be thoughtful. Be teary. Be forgiving of myself. Be forgiving of others.

    1. Ok Gina, I must meet you, give you a hug, and get a picture with you at AWBU! :) :) :)

      I like to pin things secretly too. I even have two secret boards! (shh-don't tell). I loved, loved your reflection on recharging. Thank-you for remind me that it doesn't always have to be about "doing" something. Blessings.


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