This heart of mine: Happy Hodgepodge

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. Local love for Windy Valley Farm and their gorgeous hair barrettes and headbands at the Farmer’s Market, rain…….sweet, steady summer rain.  Coolest kids room. Ever.  Dreamy art.  Dreamy garden produce. Dreamy husband.  So much color in the garden.  Bellies full, tongues bursting with flavor.  Jam face.  Messy hair.  The perfect still-life, normal routine now…..sweet memories for later.  


  1. Such yummy pictures!!!! I really did Laugh out Loud at the one with Anna Ruth and the jelly! Fabulous!!! :D

  2. I laughed at the jelly face too!! She likes to lick it off the bread when she thinks I'm not looking, lol. :)


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