Chippy paint and lights that twinkle.

These pictures are from Eureka Springs, when we went on our anniversary trip. 
I sure do have a thing for chippy paint.  I've said that phrase several times to people and gotten a look like I'm weird.  So then I've had to explain what chippy paint is...
I wonder what it is about peeling paint I like so much. 
It just looks beautiful to me. It has a story, 
it's an example of beauty in brokenness.  Aren't we all a little chipped, 
our paint peeling here and there?  And doesn't that make us more interesting, 
relatable, our stories richer? 
I think so. 

Between the chippy paints and lights that twinkled on this evening with Brett,
my heart was light as a feather.  


  1. Oh, it sounds like the perfect weekend! I just adore the colorful lantern lights! I need those for my patio!

  2. Lovely photos. I found you on Life Made Lovely and I love your home. I just posted pictures of my living room on my blog and your bright cheerful colors looked a lot like mine. I feel we could be kindred spirits in the decorating world. Happy and bright and full of loving and meaning!


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