Anniversary 2: Senior portrait edition

 Brett and I got to travel to Eureka Springs for our anniversary. 
This is part 2.  
I wanted so, so badly to find a dress that didn't look like all of my other Sunday dresses to wear.  Because if we're being honest, let's get a couple of things out there. 1-I only wear dresses on Sundays usually. I wish it weren't so but it just is.  I'm learning all over again how to dress cute when I'm not in maternity clothes. Which I've been in for like 3 years or something. A LONG time. 
2-I've been working hard to be healthy and get a good shape back, after 2 babies in less than 2 years.  BUT, I'm still a modest mama! This presented a challenge when shopping. 

I was so pleased with this dress from Forever 21. Can't beat $27!
So naturally, since Brett and I were dressed nice and kid-free we went all senior picture on each other and snapped away. 

You're welcome :)

I'm going to look at this picture on the days I need to remember what it felt like to leisurely sit by a window in a pretty dress. HAHA.

:) (you do know this is what some people think stay at home moms do.
Say it 'aint so.)


  1. I love your dress! And you look just fabulous for two babies in two years! Four years later, I am still trying to get back in shape.


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