TOTALLY textures.

So sorry about yesterday's confusing post! There really IS a tour of my house on LIfe Made Lovely today!! You can find it  Here!

And now for the real post for today! A little photography lesson/inspiration-enjoy!
Textures-smooth, rough, bumpy, frilly, prickly, coarse, soft, hard, crinkly.....
all feel different and evoke a different emotion in us.  I love that.  I always say (of color) that God could have made everything black and white to save Himself the wonderful He gave us so MANY colors! The same is true of texture.  Imagine a world with only smooth things..

It might sound appealing for a moment but would we really want to miss those jagged rocks that create a rhythmic bump, rattle, and roll on the path down to the farm?  Smooth just isn't the same. 
Texture is something I like to take note of when I'm on the hunt for a little extraordinary among the ordinary.  Take this sunflower for example.  The yellow petals are used to being the smooth superstars of the whole deal.  Standing tall and vibrant they capture the most attention, as if shouting "look at me!"  And beautiful they most certainly are.  

But have you ever really looked at the inside of a sunflower?  The intricate detail that mirrors a fanciful piece of beadwork?  A totally opposite texture of it's shouting sister petals, the texture of the inside of this flower is a quiet roar.  It's beauty, packed in numbers far greater than the proud petals. 
And oh! These drops......what a collection of dainty rain drops,
strung like a banner of twinkle lights across the night sky.
Even the criss-cross weave of an ordinary piece of burlap looks woven together with more meaning than just this piece of fabric holds. 

Strand after strand, over and under....until the piece as a whole is complete and snug.  Much like our homes and hearts.

The smoothness of this jar resembles peace like a river,
and the veins of the leaf worth studying. 
This building holds a mixture of texture, most likely formed over time. 
The smoothness of the window makes me wonder who's peered out from it, time after time.
The bumpy, yet soft texture of the vine has grown along with the stories this building has to tell.

This kind of texture might be my favorite because it's the kind you can see AND taste.
Puffy, fluffy.....smooth and cracked.

A waffle. Perfect in it's own way. An odd mix of textures, all coming together to create a taste like none other. 

Kind of like the taste of creativity and freedom we get when we tiptoe outside, letting the world be.
Capturing a rough piece here, a smooth fraction there.

{I challenge you to find at least 3 interesting textures and photograph them this week! Email me with your photos if you do at}


  1. Wow!!! These are stunning, and I loved your home tour. I am drinking my morning coffee and taking in all this inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


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