Shop talk-Q/A...with myself. (and 15% off!)

Hi everybody! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  After an unexpected rainy day on Friday, it sure was nice to see the sunshine on Saturday!  And puffy clouds! I could look at those all day..

This weekend found me recovering from sinus infection stuff, which wasn't fun.  My mind was in good spirits though and I had time to think up some fun ideas for the blog and my Etsy shop! 

Today I thought I'd do a little Q/A session about the little details that go on behind the scenes in my shop....a little self-interview, if you will.  I hope you enjoy!  These are questions I get asked often.  {Make sure to read the coupon code details below too!}

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?
Some people might think I set out on foot, camera in hand...looking for a photo to capture and sell.  That's actually not the case.  Sometimes I grab my camera when I'm headed outside with the girls, but usually I'm just doing life, day after day...and when something catches my eye I run inside to get the camera!  Most of my photos are taken outside because that's where I seem to be delighted the most, by nature finds.  I also like grabbing a handful of my favorite props and styling them for a photo as well. 

Q: What kind of camera and settings do you use?
I use a Nikon D3000 with a regular lens attached.  For now, I use the automatic setting with the flash turned OFF.  I always, always have the flash turned off!  I hope to learn how to shoot in manual mode someday.....but for now I've found my stride in automatic.  Someday when I have the time and money to take a photography class I'd like to.  I'd also like to learn Photoshop!  Goals for the future...

Q: What do you sell in your shop and how does the pricing work? 
I sell photos in three different sizes in the shop (Sunshine by Sara Etsy Shop).  I have the photos printed from Shutterfly and have been extremely pleased with their product/quality.  The prices for all prints are: 4 x 6 ($5), 5 x 7 ($10), and 8 x 10 ($15).  
For photos of an even larger size, feel free to contact me for pricing! 

Q: What does the $2 shipping charge cover?  Why do you ship local prints?
When I had my handmade shop still open I quickly learned that although it sounds easy to schedule a pick-up for an item sold to someone local, it's actually not!  Trying to coordinate two busy schedules to hand off an item is tougher than it sounds.  So, when I re-opened my Etsy shop I decided I'd only ship prints, local and all.  The $2 charge covers postage, a thick mailer envelope, and a Ziploc bag to keep your photos dry.  Plus a little embellishment to make your package extra sunshiney! :)

Q: When do you add new prints to the shop? 
As I'm inspired, prints are added!  Currently, most of the prints in the shop are rather summery looking. I have plans (as the seasons change), to reorganize the photos in the shop a bit, by season.  Coming soon! 

Q: Do you take family/individual portraits?
This is something I've done a few times for close friends and family.  You can see some examples below!  I love the creative process of photographing others.   Sessions last around 45 minutes and take place on our property.  They will generally take place during the evening, or on a rare occasion-a morning.  I edit the photos afterwards and give them to you on a cd.  You can then print to your heart's delight!
You can e-mail me at for more details if you're interested!  

Any more questions? Comment below! 
More Shop Talk Sessions with some local gals soon! Stay tuned! 

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