A practice in perspective: try this.

Let's talk about our good 'ol friend, perspective, today.  Perspective can make us see clouds of gray, or clouds with silver linings.  She sneaks up on us, after hearing the news of a battle a friend is going through and makes us realize our "hard" isn't so hard after all.  Perspective is right there also, to fill our days with beauty in brokenness, joy pockets, and spoonfuls of grace.  We just have to invite her in.

I've had this idea for a while, to start doing some photography exercises on the blog.  To show you how to capture the rosy in your routine.  I suppose I've been afraid I would come across as silly, an amateur, or obvious.  Surely everyone knows these little tips.....but if you'll remember a post way back I decided to kick negative thoughts to the curb.  So, I'm going ahead with my little idea and here's Post #1! 

A practice in perspective. 
Sometimes I think we grudgingly lug our fancy camera around (or our tiny Iphone) and after snapping the obvious Kodak moment or two, we're just done.  We either don't know what else to photograph, or we feel that our pictures won't be good enough.  Practice my friend, makes perfect.  And a little perspective doesn't hurt either.  

Let me show you what I mean.  Look at the photo above-Do you see anything particularly interesting?
Me either.  I'm not standing in an attractive way, there's nothing breath-taking about my shadow, and the rocks and grass are just ordinary. 

Watch what happens when I place the cardboard circle (in the first pic) over a spot in the grass...
Ahhh....there it is. Beauty is found.  Would you have ever seen this beautiful piece of tree bark in looking at that great big, dull picture above?  I wouldn't have.  By placing boundaries on where my eyes rest, I have learned to notice beauty.  I see the beautiful ashy gray and peachy colors blending in this tree bark, the layers and texture.  

Do you see what I mean?  In looking at the "big picture" my eyes don't necessarily fix themselves on anything that special, beautiful, or unique.  Yet I've taught myself to take on a new perspective.  I believe that finding the rosy pieces of life, among the routine, is a learned habit.  I've learned to bend down, sit on the ground even, and look....
and then look again,
and look one more time until you find what delights your heart. 

Once you've found something you like, don't listen to the voice that might tell you it's silly, not pretty enough, or a waste of time.  Instead-make sure your flash is turned OFF (mine always, always, always stays off), and focus on the tiny object you want to capture. Snap-then look to see if you like the photo or not.  Take 10 pictures if you need to, changing your angle a bit each time, until your heart sighs a happy breath. 

Here's what I've learned about perspective.  Noticing the tiny things here and there that delight me make the big, more obvious scenes even more enjoyable.  When I look at the sky picture above I don't just see one glowing sky.  I see a fracture of light here, a ray of light there.  I see this cloud particle joining with that one, this piece of evening glow saying to that one-want to stick together?  I see a variety of components coming together to create that awesome, mighty, melting pot of an evening sky. 

{Want to practice some perspective this weekend?  Cut a hole in the middle of a piece of paper if you have to and plop it on the ground.  :)  Send me your favorite photo captured to sunshinebysara@hotmail.com}


  1. What a great post! Very thought provoking! I'm making a piece of paper with a hole for me AND the boys! :D

  2. YEAH! Let me know how it goes! :)

  3. Love this post....I think I'll change my perspective a bit this weekend. Who knows what I'll find!
    Loved your home on Home Made Lovely too!!


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