We went to a fish fry.

Isn't that just lovely?  
We have some good friends from church who asked us over for a fish fry.  And believe it or not-this post actually doesn't have a single picture of fish!  I promise-there was fish and hushpuppies (the jalapeno were my favorite) and the best coleslaw I've ever eaten.  It was spicy and peppery with a kick.  
I don't know whether to be blessed or embarrassed (or perhaps both) writing this, but I've gone to church with this particular family pretty much my entire life.  I've attended the same church since I was in the third grade.....and I'm coming up on 30.  That'll tell you it's been a long, long time.  I've "known" this sweet family (or at least who they were) for years.  Years of a friendship missed? Perhaps.  But I'm so glad God got my attention with them now!  

This is their awe-inspiring greenhouse.  Their place just brimmed over with LIFE, things growing here and there, and chickens galore running around. 

Anna Ruth was in heaven and full explorer mode. As in, she didn't even want to sit at the table for dinner (that's a whole 'nother story we won't ruin this lovely post with, lol).  
And look at all these chickens!  
(I'm embarrassed and amused to say I STILL couldn't point out the difference in a chicken and a rooster.  I'm not quite as country as I'd like to be sometimes )
This sweetie is my friend's daughter.
Isn't her outfit fabulous?  
I'll take one in my size please.

Betsy Grace got her hands on some fresh spinach in the greenhouse.  This gal is an eating machine! She'll take whatever we'll give her, and then some.  I like her determined look here!  There's NO way we were getting that lettuce from her! 
I don't know what pretty looks like to you (outside of people I mean),
but this is it for me. :)

friends :) 

And this is my dear friend Naomi I've mentioned on the blog before! The kitchen queen!!! Seriously. She's divine in the kitchen.  She's also a creative soul, texts me randomly, sends me happy mail,
and is just the best friend a gal could ask for. 

What fun this night was! We ate outside and talked, laughed and looked at the garden.  I laughed so much! I told Brett on the way home I just wonder if we miss "it" sometimes.  We drove a bit over an hour to reach our friend's house this night which is longer than the girls are used to being in the car.  I think though, that sometimes we pray desperately for friends or just forget about even trying to make them altogether.  We spend an hour or two (or five) on facebook, but won't drive an hour to a friend's house. 

Can I tell you how worth it it is to have friends?  To feel at home among a group of believers?  To get your soul filled up and your belly too?  

If you don't have friends like these, be brave and friendly and pray hard.  That's how I became friends with Naomi in the first place. And see what fun we're having now? :) 


  1. Looks like a really fun evening with friends! I love your cute top! You look adorable!

    1. Thank-you Julia! I actually found this top at a local thrift store right before we went :) :) :)

  2. I'm reading your "God" posts in reverse order! In my first comment, I forgot to say these two things (because the phone was ringing and the dogs were barking):

    1) You have a beautiful smile.
    2) You take awesome pictures!


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