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Have you heard of the magazines published by Stampington?  I just adore them.  Artful Blogging, Mingle, and Somerset Life are just a few of my favorites.  They're magazines about all my favorite things-blogging, crafting, creative souls, writing, good photography.  The list goes on. 

They always take reader submissions and I'm honored to say this month I've been featured on their blog and in the magazine, Artful Blogging under the "Banners We Love" section! 

A couple of months ago they had a short story contest on their blog for the two pictures above.  You could pick one to write about and I chose the picture on the left.  I'm surprised and happy to say out of quite a few entries I was one of the top three winners!  My poem is on their blog, found here.  Or you can read it below! My prize was getting to pick out a Stampington publication!  Their magazines cost $15 and are made more like a book.  I was thrilled to get to pick one out I'd had my eye on.  

God delighted me with this win. 

Red To Remember

By Sara Torbett
Red to remember and red to spark strength.
Toy cars to zoom,
two small hands to wonder.
Innocent conversations and questions galore,
“Grandma, who do you wear your red for?”
“I wear it to remember,
when I was young and carefree.
I used to dance in circles and laugh,
want to see?”
Curious eyes wondering how,
Grandma could choose to laugh right now.
Old and nimble, and frail as could be,
could red stand for a joy that was wild and free?
Laughter breaking, squeals of child’s delight.
Red on her nails, love in plain sight.
Red to remember,
the passion inside,
that an old frail body simply can’t hide.


  1. Sara! What an excellent poem and SO deserving of a win! Congratulations. Artful Blogging is my fave magazine!! At $15 a pop it's a little out of my price range but I go to the bookstore and check it out whenever a new issue is released {which I do feel a little guilty about}.

    Congrats, again :)

    1. Thank-you my friend! :) You shouldn't feel guilty at all about bookstore browsing-I do the same. ;) Which bookstore do you frequent?

    2. Oh...just Hastings in Searcy. There aren't any other bookstores around here :(

  2. oh friend, This is beautiful! It made me blink fast! :) My Granny Halcomb always had nail polish on. It brought back memories. Congratulations on your prize!

    1. Thank-you Sydnee! I'm glad it brought a memory to mind for you :). I just loved the red nail polish in this picture (even though I never have any on, lol)

  3. This is absolutely fantastic, friend. I'm so excited for you!! I hope you truly enjoy and savor in these moments of blessing and favor.

    1. Thank-you friend! I look forward to seeing something of yours published....hopefully sooner than later. You are an excellent writer, my friend.


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