An impromptu photo shoot with Betsy Grace

We're on a pretty good routine around here.  Usually both girls will nap at the same time in the afternoon and go down at close to the same time at night.  It's when I clean, jog, breathe, eat a snack in quiet, blog, and read.  It's quiet, it's still.  Relaxing even.

But when my heart leaps the tallest is when my girls are up.  When we're playing, laughing, and having sweet little conversations.  One afternoon Betsy Grace awoke before I expected her to.  When I only had one baby I probably would have been annoyed at that, thinking it was "my" time.  (silly really-once you're a mama all your time is somebody else's time too!)  But now that I have two babies I understand the importance of sneaking moments here and there to get one-on-one time with each girl. 
Betsy Grace is at the age where you can easily play with her and delight her and still get great pictures at the same time.  She thinks the camera is a toy! (Anna is not at this age anymore!)

I was letting her play on our bed here.  The lighting is fantastic in our bedroom, almost all day.  The girls love to play on our bed, and it's something we don't mind letting them do.  Betsy has crumbs here and there on her, she's drooly, and just so BETSY.  :) 
I love little impromptu photo shoots like this one.  They capture the everyday moments, the cheese left on the shirt that you might not remember later, the smile so big that gums get smashed together,
the one little tooth, those brown eyes gazing into mine.  

I'm so glad I took this time with my gal! 
{What sweet moment have you captured lately?}

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