{DIY} String up a TENT

One morning we got up and I just knew our day was going to behold something special, something great.  Immediately my mind thought "string up a tent" (I'm sure this is a normal thought..) 

I've had this pink vintage sheet stuffed and stored in my craft room for quite some time, just waiting to make it's famous debut at the farm.   I decided a tent would do just fine.  It couldn't get any easier, wrap some string, rope, or whatever you have on hand around two trees.  

Lay your blanket, quilt (which would be even dreamier), or sheet, over the rope and anchor it down on both sides.  We used big native stones from the farm.  

Next, add props inside to your heart's desire. Quilts, pillows, books, snacks....the sky is the limit. 

Anna Ruth and I both crawled inside this cozy tent, a little world all it's own. It was so cozy I laid on my side and she laid on her pillow while we read some books together (Betsy was napping).  It was relaxing, fun and easy.  So whimsical. I love being squished up next to my gal.  My girl with the piercing blue eye, sweaty hair, and heart always knocking at adventure's door.  

Afterwards we played in the playhouse and went for an icy, cold dip in the kiddie pool.  

This is summer at it's finest.

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