Ranger Ride

Some of the sweetest, most favorite words of mine out of Brett's mouth are "Want to go for a ride on the Ranger?"  It is adventure, quality time, the good life, and outdoorsy all wrapped up in one.  

We decided to stay home on the 4th of July.  Sometimes, choosing to stay in turns out to be the strongest, most memorable moments of the season.  That was definitely the case this particular day.  We decided we'd celebrate the 4th with a bang, an extra case dose of BOLD, a dash of daring.  We took the ranger into the big leagues...and out on the road with the girls.
Strapped in tight, we sat squished and squeezed together, mine and Brett's hands (minus the steering wheel hand) holding our most precious cargo tight.  Brett revved up the engine, and off we puttered, on down the country road.  The girls squinted as the wind blew through their long, whispy eyelashes.  I breathed deep (but with my mouth closed, no bugs wanted for lunch!)..........
We went onto a piece of property I haven't stepped foot on since I found out I was pregnant with Anna.  At first, it looked familiar, normal.  I was taking in the same scene I always glance at from the road when I drive by.  But then we decided to go just a little further, and then---further still.  What was supposed to be a search for blackberries ended up becoming an adventure.  A quest for treasure, only found in nature.  

Treasure like this rock, shaped perfectly like a heart.  No human hands needed to shape or form it.....
it's as if God chiseled away the afternoon, thinking lovely thoughts about just us four, 
and plopped this right where our eyes would see it. 

We saw it because our eyes were looking.....
not glancing from one task to another.  

The memory of this particular ranger ride is etched in my mind for many 4th's to come. 
I'm so glad we gave bold and daring a chance.

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