Summer Stock

From fluffy stacks of golden pancakes,
drizzled with syrup and smeared with butter,
to bright green and cheery yellow squash,
that are full of pure flavor,
and corn that that's shiny and made of kernels packed tight,
sweet, crisp, and juicy,
 to a garden that's growing beyond our expectations,

to weekly lemonade making sessions,
sour juice running down our fingers and mouths,

Omelets made lovingly by Brett,
topped with fresh, fragrant garden veggies,
so savory

and fish sandwiches, tangy with homemade tartar sauce,
and crunchy with garden veggies,
 juicy peaches that leave sweet juice dribbling down tummies and chins,
and the most flavorful tomatoes you can imagine.

Summer has stocked some of the tastiest, most beautiful treats.
{What have you been enjoying, food-wise this summer?}


  1. Wow, I'm definitely topping an omelette with veggies like that in the near future. For reals!

    We've been enjoying tons of fresh squash and zucchini (from generous coworker's garden) and basil (from my own backyard) this year. These veggies are piled up to my ears in the kitchen & I wouldn't have it any other way.

    1. I'm always so inspired by your food posts friend! Especially your oatmeal in a jar. I wish I had some now...... :)
      How have you been cooking the squash and zucchini?

  2. Everything looks so fresh and delicious! Very lovely photos!

    1. Thank-you Julia! There's no comparison to fresh food :) and lucky for me my husband is a great cook!


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