Ok 30, you win.

You win, 30.  After I wrote about you here you boldly strode into the nooks and crannies of my heart and mind.  You whispered words like "adventures, stories to tell, brave, taking flight, and living a dream bigger than your mind".........you reminded me that what's probably really bothering me about this whole turning 30 business is the unknown.  20-you were predictable. You were steps 1, 2, 3, and letters ABC.  Rhythmic, patterned......safe. 

But 30-so far you're beating my expectations and you still have two months to arrive.  You're letters A, then F, then S......you're steps 1, 2, 3, then skipping ahead to steps 14, 17, and on. 

You're flights of fancy,
a blog header being published in Artful Blogging,
a story of mine being published in this magazine,
a home tour on this blog. 

You're afternoon runs, preparing for my first 5k,
you're new friends through the web,
and asking questions like "why not?"

30-I'm entering your decade with a confidence in myself,
stacks of good reads,
a fierce passion for creativity and the arts,
and getting the healing message of that to others.

I'm entering with ideas galore for gals gathered on the farm,
hands busy with the wonder of whimsy,
eyes twinkling with the merriment of making,
ears humming with the sound of harmony,
conversation centered around creativity,
taste buds satisfied and left tingling,
bodies and souls left inspired,
hearts filled to overflowing with new vision to see the 
rosy in the routine.

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