I opened an Etsy shop: with photos!

So I went for it. 
I opened my Etsy photography shop,

After opening my handmade shop a second time I've changed directions again. 
I just love creating handmade.....
but my shop wasn't taking off like I'd hoped. My truest love, in my heart of hearts, is writing, photography, and gatherings.  Hopefully I'll have some exciting news in a few months about some crafty gatherings next spring I'll be hosting!

But for now, I hope I've inspired you to make your own handmade items for your house!  
I'm going to continue blogging away, because I just love it.  
And I've decided to sell my photos. 

They are some of my favorites, the cream of the crop, the apples of my eye.
Take a peek.
These photos are meant to be framed, taped, and tucked into a nook,
to be visited over and over again.

I still have my Facebook business page,
which you can find here!

Hope to see you in the shop soon! 


  1. Congratulations on your new Etsy shop... it's lovely! You are a very talented photographer!!

  2. I just love this and am looking forward to find a few spots in my home for some of your prints! :)

    1. Thank-you friend :) I would be honored to have my prints in your lovely home.


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