Another edition of Happy Hodgepodge:

I used to do these kinds of random posts on the blog and call them a Rosy List.  But I guess Happy Hodgepodge resonates better with me now.  That's totally what my life is.....and what these captured moments are. Don't worry-we have our two-year old moments where Anna requires a lot of discipline, or moments where Betsy fusses but.........this is called a happy hodgepodge, remember?  
Let's get this party started.

Anna Ruth adores wearing her daddy's shoes. Or my shoes.  I think it's cute every. single. time. 

Anna also loves a good dress-up session!  I used these hats as a prop at her party and then she wanted to play with them.  It is so hard to get her to pose or be still for a photo these days (I don't blame her).  So that means I have to find a perfect moment where she's happily playing and doesn't mind me catching her at it.  This was one of those moments.  

We had dinner plans with one of my favorite friends and they got cancelled (I can't even remember why now! Probably my fault...maybe a sick baby or something?!) Anyhow, we rescheduled again and had dinner recently!  It was bliss.  They also have two kids so the normal kid routine/stopping in the middle of conversation to discipline was no big deal.  Their home is lovely!  
and the food-heavenly.  Brett said it was like eating at a 5-star restaurant. No kidding!  
These two know how to cook in the most excellent way! 

This was one of my favorite nights I've had in a long time. 
Friends, food, and community matter.
Now isn't that sweet?  Again, another moment I saw happening and ran to get my camera for.  And it ends up this is one of my favorite photos in the world.  It's sweetness, love, and quality time all in one.  It's my heart sitting on that railroad tie! 
Betsy Grace turned seven months lately!  She is getting sillier by the day. I just love it! 
If you tickle her bare tummy or leg rolls (all two of them!) she just cackles and laughs the jolliest laugh.  
I'm hoping we'll have some good apples from the apple tree at my mom-in-law's this year...

I just never get tired of looking at flowers.  They're just so unique and colorful and cheerful. 

{What's been on your happy hodgepodge list lately? Please share!}

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