First parade. (and thank you, and you, and you)

I just love a good parade.
I remember traveling to Italy with Brett and just pleading with him to stop for a parade....practically dragging him by his shirt-sleeve!  I still don't know what the parade was for, to this very day.  Give me pomp and circumstance, festive floats and flags, horses done up right.....I'm a happy gal. 
Hasn't this summer just been marvelous?  Heavenly, relaxing, breathe deep kind of weather.  I suppose all this has my head in the clouds even more.  I'm ready for adventures and fun with my gals!  I decided we'd go to the Rodeo of the Ozarks parade.  I've never been before and it sounded just perfect for our two.  It was a very special occasion because Brett got to join us!  
We (along with Aunt Jana, who was also there!) took turns holding Betsy Grace, and she was kicking and waving her arms and legs around!  She really enjoyed watching the horses and floats....
the fire truck siren made her cry though. :(
Come to mama! 
(dream car #2)

Do you see all that fabulous color?! This float was at the very end of the parade...
I wanted to catch a ride on it and meet the people aboard.  

They sure know how to do a float right. 
Anna Ruth took her job of waving to the parade participants very, very seriously. 
Dream car (err, truck) #1.

Yes please, with an old vintage quilt, picnic basket, bunting, and lemonade. 

We got to meet the girls' cousins also!  I promise they had a good time, the little girls are just covering their ears here because of the loud sirens!

What easy fun this little outing was!

On a different note-I'd like to say thank-you.  If you've been around for a while you know I blog mostly for myself.  I do hope  others are encouraged along the way, and see how bright and rich of a life we can live in God's freedom.  But, lately I've received such encouragement to keep this blog going.  To the ones who have squeezed my hand at church and said thanks for writing,
to the people who believe in me and my silly ideas (and acknowledge them and don't think they're silly),
to the people who notice a photo I've taken,
and to the ones who comment and read daily,
thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Each word is treasured and stored in my heart.
Your compliments are icing on the cake on this journey I'm on.
You delight me, thank-you! 

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  1. What a great day and beautiful family and pictures. I would have wanted to stop too.
    Blessings Always,
    Diane Roark


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