{DIY} Mixed-Media Art

Oh boy. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to call this a DIY tutorial. If you've been around long at all you know that instructions and step-by-step things are not my forte.  I don't know how my brain thinks of the things it does.  It just does and sometimes my thinking gets lost in translation.  But, I do have a bit of teacher left in me still (ok, a lot) so I'm going to give this a shot.  I made an art piece I like and you can make one too! 

First, I cut out this neat AR shape from an atlas I bought for $.50 at the library bookstore.  I then cut one side of a diaper box off to use as my blank canvas, so to speak. (You wouldn't believe the number of diaper boxes we have)

Next I decided to cover my cardboard piece with a favorite fabric.  I used hot-glue and glued the fabric on the front of the cardboard first.  Then I folded the corners down in the back and glued those on as well (please tell me you are focusing more on the pics instead of my words for these directions or you might find yourself in a heap of confusion!)

Have you seen the trend lately on Pinterest and blogs to put a heart on your state outline?  Well, for this piece I decided to jump right on that bandwagon.  I got out my trusty stencil I've had since who knows when and traced a heart in the middle of the state.  Then I painted it with craft paint.

My last step was to gather up some of my favorite pictures and phrases and glue them onto the piece.  I picked things that reminded me of my life, right now.  This is who I am :)

*see, I told you tutorials weren't my thing.  But ideas are! So I hope you've at least left with an idea or two of your own. If you try one of these please share a link in the comments or email me a pic!


  1. OH! What fun!! The old truck picture on the map is wonderful! I like this! Very neat idea!!

  2. Glad you like the idea Sydnee! Isn't that truck fabulous?! :) (if you make one of these, send me pics!)


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