A {lovely} date night at home.

 We had the loveliest date night recently. 
You all know that with two little ones it's just hard to get out to a restaurant or movie every weekend (or even every month) for a date.  It doesn't mean dates are any less important (if anything they're probably more so), it just means time and money seem to stand in the way of them now. 

Enter, pinterest and my imagination. :)
After seeing dozens of pins (and saving most of them) of pretty tables set with hanging lanterns above I decided that our place was pretty too and I'd use that same idea for Brett and I. 
I gathered things I had lying around....some old thrifted baskets that had been painted, a neat glass jar (I have dozens and am always collecting more), our spool table given to us by the neighbor, and a neat quilt.  Wildflowers and two dining room table chairs topped off the look.
 Doesn't this look romantic and sweet and perfect?
Well, it was. Almost. Brett and I started this date night with some things we needed to talk out, away from the distraction of our sweet girls, the farm, and house chores. 

And boy did we ever talk.  It was tense at times,
lengthy, and hard.  Until we pushed past the difficult things, matters settled, and entered into a new breath of fresh air for us both. 

My point?  If I hadn't told you that you'd think we were "that perfect couple".  You wouldn't know the hard work that went into this date night (and I'm not talking the decorations), and the sweet reward of a stronger connection afterwards. 

Nights like this matter. Pushing through hard stuff matters. Sweeping issues under the rug only intensifies them until in a big cloud of dust they all come blowing out, coating everything. 

Talk to your sweet man (or sweet wife).  And then, bask in the candle light and enjoy the romantic, sweet, and perfect date. :) 
This night ended up being one of my top favorite memories with Brett. 
I love him dearly, fiercely, and forever.


  1. Fun times! Lovely, simple decor!!! And what sound and wise thoughts you've shared. :)

  2. What a great idea. I see a backyard picnic with my hubby in my near future.

  3. love, love this! and yay big pictures!


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