This is how I blog.

Okay, so if you talk to me long enough I will encourage you at some point to keep a blog.  I'm a people person, and fascinated by other people's lives, details, and minds (usually).  I think that most everyone should have a spot to share their inner workings. A big part of blogging for me is being fearless...or at least chasing those thoughts away and letting the summer breeze carry them to Never-land. 

The truth is, I love to write.  I love to take photos.  I rarely think about what other people will think about my words and photos while I'm in the process of creating them. As soon as I hit publish I sometimes wonder what people will think. Especially the posts where I get real, specifically about my marriage or how hard it is to be a mom.  People can just jump to conclusions so easily! But there is such beauty in brokenness, such freedom in the imperfect.

So that's why I share anyway.  Since turning the t.v. off almost two months ago my mind has been free to think. (the pic above was a treat night, a.k.a. Saturday or Sunday where I treat myself to dessert and decaf coffee!)
I usually take photos whenever the mood/inspiration hits.  Then I edit them in Picasa while the girls nap (during part of the nap time at least).  After they go to bed I sit on the back deck and blog.  This means I have a relaxed mind!  
I also schedule my posts ahead of time.  On a really good, crazy inspired month I'll sometimes have 9 or 10 days scheduled in advance!  This gives me time to read back over posts, add an additional thought here or there if I want.  

Blogging is such a creative outlet for me.  I can't imagine not keeping the blog.  It has trained me to see the tiniest speck of beauty among the mundane, otherwise boring things that our eyes have been trained to see first.  It gives me a topic of conversation with others who read, it (hopefully) inspires others....
it's relaxing to me. 

So, if you have a passion I'd encourage you to share it with others by starting up a blog! 
Possibly start by sharing it with family or your close friends first.
You could pick one topic to focus on, or a bunch! I enjoy writing about whatever makes my heart that's a lot of topics.  Write what comes naturally to you. Don't try to be like another blogger......
and certainly don't compare yourself to other bloggers.  It's taken me a long time to appreciate other blogs for what they are, and not envy them.  Comparison is still the thief of joy, no matter how many times we've said it.  

Are you convinced to blog yet?!


  1. I am so happy that you blog! And you should make your pictures bigger- I love to see what you see!

    1. Thanks for the tip/reminder Jerusalem! I had been wanting to make my pics bigger but didn't think I knew how to do it. Turns out, I do. :)

      I'm so glad YOU blog! And write! I adore your book, over and over.


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