When did this happen?

 Something snuck up on us at our house. 
Sister friends.
It was sorta, almost there every so often.  
Anna Ruth has always shown Betsy Grace attention, 
but suddenly one day they were friends. Buddies. 
 Anna Ruth started asking "Where's Betsy" when she laid down for her morning nap.

 And even wanted to start giving Betsy Grace kisses. 

 From feeding her puffs to saying "here Betsy" and handing her a toy,
Anna has realized Betsy is her little buddy.
Betsy Grace seems pretty pleased with this arrangement too. 
I have two sisters and have always had two built-in best friends. 
I'm so glad my gals have discovered this for themselves! 


  1. This made my eyes well up with tears. I remember having such fun times with my little sister when we were kids.

  2. They are adorable! {and I love that little leopard print onesie!}


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