Summer Play Activities! (Torbett style)

The girlies and I have been up to some seriously fun play time.  
I made it a mini goal of mine to plan one out of the ordinary activity for Anna Ruth a week and include Betsy Grace as much as possible! Sometimes we get to it. Other times week one passes, then weeks two, and three....and well, you get the picture.
This idea wasn't planned so that made it even more fun to me. I can only be a planner so long before the real Sara comes out and longs to be spontaneous.  Brett picked up a big bucket of his old cars and trucks and the girls and I decided to banish the thought that these were "boy toys" and dive right in.  After looking at the random bits we have lying around our yard I decided to make a ramp we could slide the cars down, and let them splash into the water. FUN! Anna would say "Ready, set, GO!"

Painting's always an interesting time at our house...
It usually goes something like this-
Anna: I want to paint!
Me: OK! (scurrying around, gathering paint, arms loaded with Betsy Grace and supplies)
We paint together. 

Anna: "Uh-OH! I got paint!"
And then I spend the rest of the time consoling Anna Ruth because she got paint on her arm. 
Although licking the paint repeatedly didn't seem to bother her. 
What's wrong with this story? 

And then there's always my 'ol trusty standby-
Mr. Cardboard Box. 
Perfect in a pinch, handy in a hurry-
always, always ready to provide entertainment to little girls. 
In the span of one day, Mr. Box became a hotel, garage, castle, and coloring book. 
Do you like my art?
I'm pretty talented huh. :) This was another spur-of-the-moment thought I had and Anna Ruth really liked it. 
:) Happy, happy girl! 
Who wants to go on a color scavenger hunt? 
Anna's new favorite color word is yellow.  Everything is yellow. It could be because I say that word a lot and tell her it's mama's favorite.  But in general she likes a challenge and likes color. So I came up with this little idea.  We scoured the yard for green, yellow, and brown things and put them in the ziploc bags.  I cheered like she'd won the Olympics when/if she got the right bag. 

More fun to come! There's talk of making our own lemonade soon...

{What summer fun have you been up to?}