Everything's coming up roses.

Roses. Sweet roses.  What once held a spot in my mind as pretty, but typical and so predictable, now hold a prized spot.  Pink, layer upon layer, roses. 
I made a quick mention on Instagram one night how I was taking a break from t.v. (except for the occasional Curious George and storm tracking that comes with the duty of being mama).

This happy little sight is one of the reasons why. 
I'll write more on this later, but for now-had I been sitting inside plopped in front of the t.v. I might have missed the breath-taking beauty of these wild roses. 

I'm so glad I discovered you instead.
You are beyond beautiful 
and so wild and free! 
A lesson to be learned about blooming just about anywhere our human soles are planted is in these roses I'm sure.

I just enjoyed every single second these graced our table. The rest of the house could have been a disaster (and was a lot!) but I'd glance over, and there were my trusty roses. 
Doing their job of adding some color, beauty, and joy to the house day in and day out. 

I like you, roses and what you bring to the table. 


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    1. Thank-you Christie! :) I have really been loving your Instagram pics lately!

  2. They are so pretty! And your dining room looks very lovely!! I love fresh flowers in the home!

    1. Thank-you Julia! I love fresh flowers too.....getting wild ones is so much easier for me now and cheaper too! :) Do you have a favorite wild flower?


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