Walk with me? (Farmgirl adventures)

It's no secret I love our country/farm home.  Hobby farm that is.....sort of.  It's always funny to hear people react when I tell them we live on a farm. People either picture goats, chickens, cows, and pigs-you know the WHOLE nine yards, or they never even thought of us as farm people in the first place.  Usually the latter is true.  The truth is-we do have a farm (a family farm), we have cows (not sure how many currently, but over 50, less than 100).  My husband also works full-time elsewhere and YES, the farm takes work and lots of it! But-it is our recreation and relaxation too.......
My favorite parts of the weekends are when Brett takes us for farm adventures.  One day he said "Want to walk with me?" I grabbed up the girls and said "You bet!"  Off we trekked, into the pasture with the wild cows and fresh hay bales.  Seriously, these cows are silly and jumpy, like a bunch of rowdy school kids.  But the hay-how fresh and pretty looking, all baled up tight.  Like big pieces of shredded wheat plopped onto the pasture. 
We were an on adventure to pick up the ranger.  I was proud to show Anna Ruth that her mama has just as much "get up and go" as the farm boys (a.k.a. my husband and his brother).  So I got to drive the ranger back to the house, and run, run, run to close the gate before the jumpy cows came after me. (You think I'm kidding...)

This was the real treat of the walk.....
photos are the way to my heart. 
Brett held Betsy for a minute so I could snap a few pics of the wildflowers. 
Even though Brett tells me year after year that the purple "flowers" are really weeds called thistles and aren't good for the pastures at all....I just can't resist capturing their beauty. It's as if they're saying it's not their fault their so destructive AND beautiful. I suppose we can't have it all, as these thistles seem to represent. 

Although, being a sorta farm girl-I rather feel like I do have it all. 
Right out the front door, adventures await. :)