Postcard Memories

We had an almost perfect weekend. Brett and I both agreed there were several moments that were postcard moments. You know the ones.....where you want to freeze that memory in your brain because the perfect combination of joy, delight, blessings, and family all come together in a package called GLAD. A glad moment. 
We went to our local Farmer's Market which is always a mix of music, flowers, colorful and fresh produce, and community. I am such a people lover so it's a delight to gather and walk nestled between people of all ages and races, dogs on leashes, and babies in strollers.  
(the girls wore matching outfits and a man jokingly asked if he could pay us for them....
the girls that is. We get a lot of attention with these two!)
I slowly counted out my random change I've been gathering from pockets and corners and got a bundle of sunflowers. 
Aren't they the happiest little flowers you ever saw? 

We ate a favorite local joint, The Little Bread Company. I'm telling you, this place is fantastic.  Can't be beat in flavor or price! We always have quiche...and a muffin for me and cheese danish for Brett. And hot, strong coffee. 

Our girls were happy, happy this morning....we had a calm, laid-back breakfast. 
Oh how I savored the moment and feeling like we've entered into a season of parenting where it's a little less strenuous work and a lot more fun. :) 
There are musicians galore on the square....
this group is a favorite from years past. They are very animated and play bluegrass type music.  Anna Ruth loves to clap her hands with them!  I usually feel like dancing a jig when I hear them but refrain from embarrassing Brett. At least Betsy Grace is a good excuse for me to bounce around some. :) 
I so want my gals to grow up, learning that the smallest of joys are really the biggest most of the time. That things like flowers and washi-tape flower vases are as beautiful as your eyes let them be. So, Anna Ruth got her own flower for her kitchen/bedroom. 

We made a quick stop to the park afterwards! 
Betsy Grace looks like she's saying "Yippeee!!!! This is fun mama!"
Anna Ruth even got her very own piece of quiche this time and ate 3/4 of it!!

I just love how flowers brighten up the table.

The thought that keeps running through my mind is this:
"Because of the Lord's great love for us we are not consumed, 
for his compassions never  fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness."
Lamentations 3:22-23

I can look back at the last six months....and because of several reasons I wonder how in the world we've made it to here, bodies and hearts intact.  What a challenge it's been to learn to parent two babies....and how hard I am on myself sometimes.  But did you read that verse?  It's worth repeating.  God's compassions have shown up at our house, every single morning.  On the mornings we were ready to receive them, and on the ones we weren't.  God has shown us grace upon grace.....He's walked us through hard choices, difficult moments, and sprinkled us with joy in the midst of it all. 

And now, we've come out on the other side of things.  Postcard moments captured and hearts praising God. I know the very reason why we're able to have such glad bundles of memories. It's not just the good food and strong coffee. It's not even the beautiful setting at Farmer's Market, or the lovely people there.  It's the God-touch, the fingerprints of Him left on our hearts, in our minds, and on our eyes.

He's allowed us to see that He's traded beauty for ashes.
Strength for fear. 
Gladness for mourning. 


  1. Lovely, lovely post! And now...I know exactly what to do with my jarful of coins-flowers. Sunflowers, maybe!


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