First ZOO trip.

 I'm pretty sure I've been excited about taking my own kids to the zoo before I even had kids! I remember taking my niece (who's now 7 I believe), thinking how fun it would be to have my own kids to take some day.  And now here I am, living the dream!  For Anna Ruth's 2nd birthday we took she and Betsy to the Tulsa Zoo.  
 The last time I was at this zoo was with Brett, and it was the first time we were "hanging out". He tries to play cool and act as if it were a date. It wasn't. It was a nervous/sweaty-palm, can barely make conversation day.  I was smitten. And what does this have to do with that creepy snapping turtle up there? Well, nothing.  It's just that the Tulsa Zoo will always hold a special place in my heart. Date or not-I'd say since that first "hangout" encounter Brett and I've come a long way. 

 Both girls loved the zoo!  Anna Ruth enjoyed running through all the doors, after we pushed the handicap button to automatically open it for the stroller.  And Betsy Grace was thrilled to ride in the front of the double stroller.  Fun for all! 

 Did I get carried away with all the pictures?
Maybe. :) 
My plan is to make Anna Ruth a mini photo album of the trip.  If there's one person that loves pictures even more than I do-it's Anna Ruth. 

 Afterwards we came home and celebrated, little girl style!  Anna's Nana (say that twenty times fast) had lovingly planned a party for her at a relative's house.  There was a taco bar, friends and family, cupcakes, presents, a monkey balloon, and swimming! 

 Brett said several times that I didn't have to change into my suit if I didn't want to.  I firmly told him I was NOT going to be the boring mom on the sidelines.  And thank goodness I wasn't! Both our girls loved the water.  We only made them get out because they were getting goosebumps.  It looks like we have two little future fish. 

This was such a memorable, rich day filled to the brim and overflowing with moments of grace (like the sweet lady who helped me at the snack bar with water at the right temperature for Betsy's bottle, and the nice man who gave our car a jump in the parking lot!) and joy.

Kindness is everywhere! 


  1. That sounds like such a fun day with the girls! Now you've got me all excited for future zoo trips with Little!

  2. We loved the tulsa zoo! I have a bagillion pics from there also! I hadn't thought of making a book! What a great idea!!! Didn't you love the vibrant color of the flamingos!? And that taco bar and b-day party is equally as fun! Happy Birthday to Anna Ruth! Glad you guys had a fun trip!!! :D


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