Two mini-makeovers

Something got  into me and I decided to tackle two rooms in our house and give them a mini-makeover.  That's usually how my personality goes...I can take a mess, problem, or situation for so long before I just can't be patient with it anymore.  So, the mess in the craft/laundry room and nursery didn't stand a chance against me. :) 

I majorally cleaned out the craft room. Or at least the decor of it.  
 I thought I'd take the ladder off the wall and hang some favorite fabrics on it instead.  Aren't these pretty? Too pretty to sit folded in a cabinet.
 This is one of my top favorite parts.  Pictures are so dear to my heart.  They capture the grace moments, the heavenly moments on earth. They allow blessings to linger in our minds. I like that. So, I made a little photo wall underneath the cabinet set.  I need to get some more current ones printed of my sweet Betsy Grace.  
 Just a few things set out....
a collection pared down.
I love the simplicity of this arrangement. 
 And look at the size of that blank wall right there! Can you believe it?! 
If you know me well at all you know I'm not a blank wall gal. At all. But, I bought a new mixed-media scrapbook book...and it just got me all kinds of inspired to leave a little space for.......something. Just not sure what yet. 

 I call this "the girls' nursery" even though Anna Ruth is the only one that sleeps there now.  Betsy Grace still sleeps in our room in the pack and play.  If Anna didn't jabber so long at night before she fell asleep I'd go ahead and put Betsy in there too. But I can just hear her big sister voice saying "Betsy!!" and neither of them sleeping a wink. So, it is what it is. 
 I pushed the crib all the way against the wall, which I love. Now Anna Ruth can keep all her dress-up things in the suitcases at the end, instead of hoarding them in a cardboard box in the corner. (You think I'm kidding......) 
A happy, light-filled room. We get so much use out of this room!  It has two sets of french doors on it that open up to the rest of the house so it feels super open.  I love spending time in here on the cozy rug, reading and playing with the girls. 

These spaces sure do feel good all cleaned out.  I think my soul breathes a sigh of relief every single time I walk past either one. What needs a mini-makeover at your house?


  1. so cute! how did you make the fabric banners? I want to create some. I dont know how to sew, so i hope i can do them without this. thanks for a reply.


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