Happy Hodgepodge


Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
A jumbled mixture. 

Afternoon snack on the happiest rug. Ever. 
(that was made by my great-grandpa)

An afternoon of picking wildflowers and making lemonade,
Playing.........always so captivated with fuzzy balls and her stripe baby.
A beautiful meal one night that was meat-free,
and delicious!
 An image that always means summer to me,
tents in the fields.
 Big girl hair.

 Turtle found.
 Lake love.

 Cute shop about five minutes from the house: discovered.
 Breakfast, coffee, bible, and my gal.
 A favorite place of mine on the way home from a friend's house. (it's on a dirt road, even better)
 Veggies for a friend.
Teaching Anna Ruth to help.....
and getting over myself enough to let her help,
mess or not.

{What would make up your happy hodgepodge?}


  1. oh yes these all make me so happy... love the fabric tying the green onions and that sweet little watermelon outfit..

    1. Christie, my husband thought the fabric around the green onions was so, so silly. :) :)


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