Anna's TWO today!

You're "ready, set, go!" from the minute your eyes first greet the day.
You're "Hold you Mama" and "I lost you" in a scratchy little girl voice.

You chase and run as fast as your legs will carry you,
you talk up a storm. Almost constantly.  
You're very curious, just like your favorite pal Curious George. 
Country life suits you best, my little cowgirl. Always asking "What's that sound?",
you've already learned to appreciate the tiniest of things. 
Washi tape, wildflowers, truck and tractor rides, your family (Nana, Granna and Poppa, Aunts and Uncles, and Semper) are your everything. 
Your imagination runs wild.  The most expensive toy doesn't compare to good 'ol fashioned fun with you. Sometimes Mama even has to sneak your pieces and scraps of paper and fabric and cardboard boxes out to the garage because if you had it your way, you'd keep everything.  
You're both serious and silly. 
Always, always sweet. Fiercely independent. "I do it" is a favorite of yours. 
Books are another great delight of yours.  You'll sit and listen to books forever!  You can even fill in the blanks in several of your favorites, like Curious George and the Toy Store.

You bravely enter the church nursery and don't even look back.  You adore playing, getting goldfish, and watching Sesame Street.  And squealing. 
Questions and statements like "I need a wipe" (when talking about a poopy cow) make Mama and Dada laugh.  You lighten our hearts darling. 
As much as you adore dirt, you also love a good dress up session. Your jewelry and Nana's t-shirt dresses are a favorite.

You just recently started sitting in a regular, big girl spot at the table.  I love seeing you sit like that.  
My dear girl, there aren't words enough to tell you how much your Dada and I adore and love you. 
You are the brightest of sunshine on my cloudiest days, 
my extra giggle and laugh,
my strong, sweet firstborn. 

I love you Anna Ruth! 


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