Hello Monday {Reaching new heights}

Hello Monday,
Hello beautiful spring weather so far,
and a big helper in the garden and flower pots.

Hello beautiful bird's nest, 
hello quaint, delicate reminder of hope. 
Hello Anna Ruth wanting to "crack the eggs" like we do in the kitchen. :)

Hello brave girl, 
reaching new heights.
Hello two-year birthday, 
in seven days. 
Hello thump, thump, thump
of my heart at the thought.
Hello color,
my eye is drawn to you everywhere! 
Hello playground and cousins,
we can't wait to spend time with you both soon.

Hello Betsy....
you're a whole new gal now that your tummy is full.
You're kicks and laughs,
and puffs going straight in the mouth.
Hello thumb-sucker. 
Mommy's heart melts every time.

Hello projects and parties to plan,
and inspiration running out my ears.

{What are you saying hello to this week?}


  1. Hello smiles, coos, and dreams of future laughs from Little. Hello fresh produce from the Farmers Market. Hello fragrant herbs freshly planted.


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